Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are one of the newest methods to add length and fullness to hair. These are pre-taped sections of hair with a special type of tape that is applied to the roots by a hairdresser using a heat tool. This causes the tape to adhere to the scalp taking about an hour to complete. This kind of hair extensions causes the least amount of damage to the real hair over other types of extensions that use other methods to add them to the scalp.


Why Get Extensions

There are many reasons for getting hair extensions. It may be an upcoming special event when thicker or longer hair would be an advantage for a certain style. But it might be a choice because of growing out a short hairstyle when it gets to the awkward stage of growth. Another reason is some people have thin hair and want thicker hair and this is a way to achieve it and they do not look fake or attached. Today’s extensions are difficult to tell they aren’t part of the hair a person is born with even synthetic hair extensions look real.


Taped-in Hair Extension Types

There are two basic types of tape-in hair extensions, real hair or synthetic. Synthetic will cost less than quality real hair extensions, but they may take more care and might not last as long for reuse. Natural hair does have some problems like it can get split ends so some care must be used. Extensions can also be dyed to match real hair or to act as the highlights and lowlights.


Why Tape-in Extensions are a Good Choice

These extensions are a good choice out of the different types of hair extensions available because they will do the least amount of damage to the real hair. The other types include ones with combs that with regular wear can break hair off. Then there are ones called Micro-Link Skin Weft, which is hooked onto the hair using a clamp type fixture. The other ones are weaved in using sectioned braided hair and the extension is pulled through in pieces. While this doesn’t harm the hair immediately when it is time to take them out because of hair grown it can break or pull real hair from the scalp. The other problem with some methods of attaching extensions they can show if the hair is worn in a certain style or flipped a certain way. Tape-in extensions will adhere and look natural with any type of hair, while some other methods used to attach extensions may be noticeable with thin or short hair.


Talk to the Salon Professional Because Lifestyle is Important

Before having the tape-in extensions put on talk to the person who will be attaching them because placing them properly is crucial. This means if you wear glasses or sunglasses often the placement of the hair is important in this area. If you are a person who wears ponytails often then that will factor in where the tapes should be placed. Wearing hair up often whether in a ponytail, braid or topknot if the extensions are placed too low the tape adhered area may show wearing these styles. Doing this can make having hair extensions a pleasant experience and not a chore to change the normal things you do with your hair. The stylist can help determine whether the extensions need to be dyed to match the hair or if they will be used to give high or low lights that will give the hair character and depth.


Attaching Tape-in Extensions and Removal

Before having tape-in extensions attached your hair will be washed with a special shampoo that removes the oil and any product residue from the hair. This will make your hair feel dry when touching but is necessary to ensure the adhesive is glued securely to the hair. Next, the salon professional will flat iron your hair to ensure it lies flat so the tape will adhere without any bumps, lumps or other issues. Each section of extensions has the tape/glue and when one is placed on a section of hair another will be placed on top so the strip of adhesive doesn’t show. These sections of hair will be zigzagged through the back of the hair so it appears natural when finished. This process takes 40 minutes to an hour to complete.


The removal of the extensions is a reversal of the process and the extensions can be put back on almost immediately. The extensions will last two to three months, but during this time they can become more fragile where they are attached to the natural hair. During this time your real hair has been growing, which means the sections where the extensions were placed have caused the extensions to move lower as the hair grows. Removing the extensions is done by using a special spray solution that will dissolve the tape adhesive. Then remaining adhesive is removed from the extensions and new tape can be placed on them to attach to the hair again.


How to Care for Hair Extensions

Caring for tape-in hair extensions is crucial to the length of time they will last. Caution should be used in the use of conditioners since this can cause the glue holding the extension in to become loose. Hairdressers can recommend the type of shampoo, conditioner and styling products that will not have this effect on the extensions. The products will be less oily and harsh since those two types of hair products can cause the glue to loosen. Care should also be taken when styling hair including using a blow dryer to avoid the roots where the extension is applied. When blow drying it is better to avoid using a brush to style, instead use the fingers to rough dry. Curling and hot irons should be avoided near the area where they are glued as it can weaken the adhesive. Then to keep the extension hair looking nice before using hot devices the hair can be sprayed with thermal protecting spray.


Synthetic Extensions

Synthetic extensions cannot be washed since they are not natural hair it cannot withstand the harshness of regular shampooing. This means check with the hairdresser about products that will not hurt this kind of extension. The extensions are better if left untouched by any type of hot tools, such as a curling iron. If this is a requirement for the daily hair style then the better choice is to go with real hair extensions. If cost is a factor synthetic hair will cost less and it is essential to check the packaging for heat styling instructions. If they are purchased from the salon then have the hairdresser attaching the extensions to check the packaging. Caring for the extensions properly can make them last for several more times to have them applied since they can last a year or longer with reuse.


How Long Hair Extensions Last

Tape-in hair extensions are considered semi-permanent and generally will stay affixed between 6 and 12 weeks depending on how the extensions are taken care of and rate of real hair growth. The hair is reusable. Once it has been taken off by a hairdresser new tape can be placed on the extensions and placed back on the head. The extensions may not last the extreme length of time for people who work out daily since this causes the scalp to perspire and can result in loosening the glue faster. The other thing that can affect how long the extensions last is whether it is winter or summer, sweating, showering and the speed of natural hair growth.